Aluminium Products
Aluminium products are designed for power grids, airplanes and electrical wiring in houses. These are attributed with mechanical and electrical properties. Our offerings are known for longer service life, maximum versatility and easy usage. Aluminium products are used for making window frames, cans, automobile, etc.
Copper Products
Copper products find their application in kitchen sink, pull handles, door knobs, tools, railings, wires and musical instruments. These are integrated with anti-microbial and anti-corrosive properties. Copper products are also used for making jewelleries, table tops and other items.
Brass Products
Brass products are resistant to corrosion and provide low friction. These are used in the making of hinges, ammunition, zippers, locks, electrical plugs, plumbing, sockets and more. Brass products have fine finishing, anti-corrosive nature and long-lasting service life.
Metal Wires
Metal wires are appreciated in industries for maximum efficiency, sturdiness and longer service life. These products find their usage in the manufacturing of hooks, textile machinery, baggage label clips, safety equipment and more. Metal wires are also ideal for electrical switchgear.
Metal Ingots
Metal ingots are found in paint and cable industries as lead based pigment & sheathing material. These are also used in the making of lead pipes for transportation purpose. Lead ingots are anti-corrosive nature, sturdy in construction and durable.
Cable Trays
Cable trays are heavy duty metallic equipment that support the power cables. These are also helpful in securing the cables and providing uniform wiring system. Our offered products are attributed with corrosion & rust resistance. Corrosion trays have longer service life and fine finishing.
Bronze Products
Bronze products are robust in construction and can be found in textile, electrical, aerospace, mechanical and other industries. These are accessible in different shapes, sizes and dimensions. Bronze rods can bear extreme temperatures and are also applicable in marketplaces, industrial and automobile.
G.I Products
G.I products have usage in commercial, residential and industrial applications. These are great for providing stable platform for sensitive equipment and operation. G.I products are made from top grade galvanized iron material and advanced technologies. Our offerings have maximum efficiency and reliability.
Gunmetal Products
Gunmetal products are best suitable for fabrication and engineering works. These are accustomed with features like heat resistance, robustness, longevity, high tensile strength and more. Gunmetal rods have a fine finishing and can be redeemed in different sizes, shapes and thickness.
Lead Products
Lead product is utilized for caulking of joints in specialist batteries, gas mains, ceilings, walls etc. It has good ductility and ensures fast sealing and filling of little slots. Lead wool is available in different sizes of packaging.
Earth Pit Cover
Earth pit cover is employed for providing protection for various earthing terminations. It is light weighted and can be easily installed and maintained. Earth pit cover is efficient in diverting maximum current. Our offered product reduces ground resistance.
Lighting Arrestor
Lighting arrestor is fabricated for the protection of electric fences. It is accumulated with spark gap. The said offering finds its suitability in the protection of transmitters. Lighting arrestor has a unique structure, maximum longevity, seamless finishing and versatility.

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